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We help you speak Spanish fluently, reduce your foreign accent and understand conversations.


We are Alexandra and Alberto, pronunciation teachers, and we are we help people like you to speak more fluently, reduce your foreign accent and understand conversations in REAL SPANISH.i.e., to understand SPANISH CONVERSATIONAL so that you will no longer feel nervous and insecure every time a conversation starts.


Alexandra Gutiérrez Díez

Co-founder of Spanish Pronunciation Academy and Spanish pronunciation teacher. She is in charge of diagnostics and teaching all pronunciation classes. In addition, she has created the Integrated Pronunciation Method and all the material for practice from the discrimination phase to the phase of integrating it into speech, as well as the Youtube videos.

Alberto Castilla Ruiz

Co-founder of Spanish Pronunciation Academy and English pronunciation teacher. He is in charge of the copy of the website and blog, as well as bringing the best ideas to the table. In addition, together with Alexandra, he is the creator of the Integrated Pronunciation Method.


Our relationship...
with languages

We have lived and worked in different countries, and we have learned (and forgotten, some more and some less) several languages. We find that learning a language from scratch is very exciting and we have enjoyed every time we have learned one.

What we enjoyed most was to put it into practice: arriving at a bakery in Szeged and buying a loaf of bread in Hungarian; getting into a cab in Bursa and chatting with the cab driver about the food in our town; traveling around southern Italy and chatting with the locals for recommendations on the best places to eat; staying in a hostel in Oxford and striking up conversations with people of different nationalities in English; using the Catalan we had learned in childhood with our flatmate; meeting friends in Mianyang and putting into practice what we had learned in Chinese class the day before.

But do you know WHAT BOTHERED US MOST?


Can you imagine what it was that made us feel so frustrated and even want to give up studying the language?

Exactly, not being able to communicate in situations as basic as in a Hungarian bakery; that our friends in China preferred to speak English because we were not fluent enough; or that, after many years studying English, we still had a Spanish accent, and they knew we were foreigners before we finished a sentence.

And do you know why this was happening to us?

Because we had never studied pronunciation. In language classes we were NEVER taught pronunciation beyond a few specific isolated sounds. That's why we had so many problems communicating in other foreign languages and it was impossible for us to have a spontaneous conversation outside of class.

Something you might like to know about
phonetic transcriber is immensely useful

Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish and English

We made a Master's degree in Spanish language teaching and English as a foreign/second language at the University of Alicante, where we met.

Experience in foreign universities

We have worked as teachers and have given pronunciation workshops in universities and schools in Europe and Asia.

Creators of an Integrated Pronunciation Method

Thanks to the master's degree, the study and practice of other languages and our dear students, we have discovered a unique methodology to achieve 2 times more understanding and reduce the foreign accent.

Our learning / teaching philosophy

Autonomous learning

You need a teacher guide to help you solve a problem. 

Involve me and I will learn

You only learn if you use and put into practice what you learn. 


We like to work with people who are highly motivated and know what they want (in learning Spanish). 


Improvement is only achieved with effort and constant practice. If you don't have time to commit, or if you have twenty things on your plate, leave Spanish pronunciation for later. 

Learning and understanding

Learning and practicing Spanish pronunciation is complicated and challenging, but it will be the most rewarding thing you learn in your study of Spanish. 

Fully satisfied students

Students’ reviews and comments:



Rating at Italki


As an intermediate student, I struggled with being understood in conversation. When I started working with Alexandra, I came to not only understand how to correctly pronounce letters, but how to form sentences with correct inflection so that people can understand whether I am asking a question or making a statement. I now can see differences between the English and Spanish languages that I was not aware of before, and can adjust the flow of my Spanish to sound more natural. Alexandra is an encouraging and supportive teacher, and her lessons are always enjoyable.

Lisa Proctor - USA


I started studying with Alexandra because sometimes native speakers didn't understand me very well because of my accent. I could not pronounce some sounds correctly (especially "r"), nor could I manage rhythm or intonation. My two "highlights" have been understanding the mechanism to pronounce the ERRES and how to connect the words so that they do not sound one by one as in my native language, but linked as in Spanish. Thanks to this I have been able to better serve the Spanish-speaking elders in my city as a volunteer in my church.

Marcos Wang, Software Engineer (China).


Hi! I'm Tereza and I contacted Alexandra because I was too embarrassed to speak in Spanish, and that didn't allow me to evolve, nor to achieve my personal and professional goals. With Alexandra's help I have learned a lot about the vocal apparatus, about the formation of sounds and about how natives speak. I am even preparing a presentation in Spanish and I am going to face a Spanish audience, something I would never have imagined. If you are looking for someone professional and who will help you achieve your goals, look no further because Alexandra is the perfect person and I recommend her 100%.

Tereza Afonso, Translator (Portugal).


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