Pronunciation diagnosis


What is Pronunciation Diagnostics?

That's a great assessment of the accent you have when you speak Spanish.
It is essential to do so before purchasing pronunciation classes.
What Alexandra needs is to listen to you in different contexts in order to evaluate your oral communication in general, and your pronunciation in particular. During the test you do listening, reading and guided and free speaking exercises. Afterwards, you receive a diagnosis in pdf with your strengths and weaknesses of your spoken Spanish, i.e. the elements of pronunciation that you master as well as those that you produce in a similar way to your mother tongue. In addition, we jointly create an initial action plan to improve them.

Pronunciation diagnosis is for you if...

  • You have been learning Spanish for a long time but your foreign accent is evident and you would like to improve it once and for all.

  • You love Spanish, travel to Latin countries from time to time, and would like to perfect your pronunciation to sound as natural as possible.

  • You get tired that sometimes they don't understand you when you speak in a conversation and ask you many times "Excuse me, can you repeat?"

  • Although you have only been learning Spanish for a short time, you are aware of the importance of pronunciation for effective oral communication, and you want to know what aspects to work on in order to have an understandable pronunciation. 

  • You need to make oral presentations in Spanish and you want your accent to sound as un-guiri as possible. 

If you identify with any of these points, the first thing you need to do,
is to have your Diagnosis!

Why choose the Spanish Pronunciation Academy Diagnostic?

Because it is the only complete pronunciation diagnostic on the market.

Because Alexandra is a specialist in this. She has been totally focused on Spanish pronunciation for more than 6 years.

Because you receive a personalized Action Plan to know how to improve.

Receive the only Pronunciation Diagnostic
complete in Spanish!

Conversations with Alexandra.

You do pronunciation activities (listening and reading).

You get a Diagnosis and an Action Plan tailored to your needs.

You solve all your doubts.

Fully satisfied students

Our students talk about their experience:



Rating Italki


As an intermediate student, I struggled with being understood in conversation. When I started working with Alexandra, I came to not only understand how to correctly pronounce letters, but how to form sentences with correct inflection so that people can understand whether I am asking a question or making a statement. I now can see differences between the English and Spanish languages that I was not aware of before, and can adjust the flow of my Spanish to sound more natural. Alexandra is an encouraging and supportive teacher, and her lessons are always enjoyable.

Lisa Proctor - USA


I started studying with Alexandra because sometimes native speakers didn't understand me very well because of my accent. I could not pronounce some sounds correctly (especially "r"), nor could I manage rhythm or intonation. My two "highlights" have been understanding the mechanism to pronounce the ERRES and how to connect the words so that they do not sound one by one as in my native language, but linked as in Spanish. Thanks to this I have been able to better serve the Spanish-speaking elders in my city as a volunteer in my church.

Marcos Wang, Software Engineer (China).


Hi! I'm Tereza and I contacted Alexandra because I was too embarrassed to speak in Spanish, and that didn't allow me to evolve, nor to achieve my personal and professional goals. With Alexandra's help I have learned a lot about the vocal apparatus, about the formation of sounds and about how natives speak. I am even preparing a presentation in Spanish and I am going to face a Spanish audience, something I would never have imagined. If you are looking for someone professional and who will help you achieve your goals, look no further because Alexandra is the perfect person and I recommend her 100%.

Tereza Afonso, Translator (Portugal).


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