Improve your Spanish. Pronunciation guide. Part 4

Welcome to our pronunciation guide! Improve your Spanish!

Welcome to our pronunciation course! 

As we said in our first entryIn this section on PRONUNCIATION we are going to study four types of sentences. Each one has one or more different intonations, depending on the context and the type of information to be conveyed.

TODAY we are going to study the intonation of the EXCLAMATORY AND IMPERATIVE SENTENCES.

c) EXCLAMATIVE sentences:

  1. With negative meaning: the tone rises and falls (ascending onset), descending end).

Listen to the examples of the AUDIO 10:

- I don't want any more! (↓)

- What a pain in the ass your brother is! (↓)

- Today everything goes wrong for me! (↓)

    2.   Meaningful positive: the pitch rises, then falls, then rises at the end (rising start), rising end).

Listen to the examples of the AUDIO 11: 

- How beautiful your family is! (↑)

- Your cousins are very tall! (↑)

- You speak Spanish very well! (↑)

d) IMPERATIVE sentences (orders): the tone has a strong rise at the beginning and a fall at the end (descending intonation).

Listen to the examples of the AUDIO 12: 

- Take off your shoes before entering. (↓)

- Clean the classroom every day. (↓)

- Don't buy too many gifts. (↓)