Improve your Spanish. Pronunciation guide. Part 5

Welcome to our pronunciation guide! Improve your Spanish!

Welcome to our pronunciation course! 

We are going to continue this pronunciation course with the ACENTUATION in sentences. This point is not too complicated, listen to the audios carefully and repeat as many times as you need. 


In Spanish, in all sentences or phonic groups there is a word that is pronounced with greater duration and intensity than others. These accented words are tonic wordswhile the rest are unstressed wordsi.e., words without accent.

  • Accentuation of sentences or phonic groups.

In general, the accent of the phrase or phonological group is at the last word.

Listen to the following sentences and notice the stressed words (underlined). All the sentences have one phonic group except the last one, which has three. 

Examples (1):

   - I like study.

   - I like to study Spanish.

   - I like to study Spanish in my house.

   - I like to study Spanish at home because of the afternoons.

   - I like to study Spanish  # but I don't like to go to class#, # prefer classes online


Sometimes, however, the accent of the sentence falls on a word other than the last one. This happens when we want to emphasize some words, i.e., when the speaker wants to draw attention to something in particular.


- I like much study.

- I like it very much read in Spanish in my home.

- I do not like nothing study Spanish at home.

- I love to study Spanish  # but I don't like it nothing go to class, # prefer classes online.