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Songs for your listening comprehension


What you are about to read below may sound crazy, but it is absolutely true.

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When I was a teenager I didn't have access to the internet! 😯 

Probably, neither do you 😆 so you'll understand me very well when I explain what I was doing when I listened to my favorite songs and really wanted to understand what those letters were saying that accompanied the melody that softened or revolutionized my young heart.

After listening to a song many times on my boom box, I had the desire to sing that song (although I sing poorly, all things considered), and also to know exactly what the song said. Not every cassette or CD I listened to came with a booklet inside with the lyrics written on it, so when I really liked a song, wanted to know the lyrics and it didn't come on paper in the cassette or CD case, I did the following: 


Attempt, with more or less success, write the lyrics. 


Era a VERY COMPLEX task that took me hours and sometimes even days.

But I enjoyed it very much.

He enjoyed the challenge.

I enjoyed listening to them.

He enjoyed passing them back and forth a hundred times....

...until invented I would find out what the singer was saying.


And once I had it written down, I would either ask my older brother, or my teacher to check the sentences I had doubts with. Despite that, they couldn't always help me (back then I was listening to Rock and Heavy, and you don't always understand very well what the singers of bands like U2, Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Guns & Roses, Aerosmith, Queen...), and many times I would make up what they said and sing it out loud; total*, nobody around me understood my mistakes. 😆 

* Totalcolloquialism meaning at the end of the day, used in conversational Spanish.

In short, there is little to explain about what it would have meant for me to have access to the Internet at those times to check the letters. 🙄 

But, if so, do you believe that I would have followed all these steps to finally check the handwriting in just two clicks?


I'm telling you: NO WAY!


I assure you I would have reversed the process: first see the lyrics, then sing them (or at the same time).

The Internet would have made it easier for me but I'm sure that, without those exercises I set for myself, I would not have developed my comprehension and oral expression in English as I did..

I did not know this until a few years later, when I studied and reflected on language teaching. 






The relation between what I have just told you and conversational Spanish

The other day, I was working on listening comprehension, specifically unions, with one of my students (a music fanatic) and, after seeing and thanking me, she said, "I'm very grateful to you for your help. this video told me that he was going to continue practicing the unions and understanding in this website.

I have to admit that I was left with my mouth open and I couldn't help thinking about those years trying to get the lyrics of my favorite songs...

I wouldn't have needed the Internet to check the letters!what would have been great for me is that website!For this reason, it would have been worthwhile to move forward in the time machine.

Needless to say, I encourage you to use that website (or my old methods 😆 ) to listen to your favorite songs and develop your oral Spanish comprehension, which, also, will help you improve your conversational Spanish comprehension. 





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