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Because of my job I have always been interested in correct pronunciation, and I have tried to improve it on my own, but at a certain point, I started to notice that there were small imperfections that didn't let my Spanish sound the way I wanted it to. That's how I met Alexandra, her service was exactly what I was looking for. In the diagnosis she highlighted some weak points in my pronunciation as well as a plan and a strategy to improve. First of all, I really appreciated that the whole course as well as each individual class was tailored to my needs with short and long term goals.

Alexandra is a wonderful teacher, always so attentive, so aware of my progress, of such a tiny change... Thanks to her help I have improved my pronunciation a lot (some sounds that I didn't get quite right as well as my intonation), so I think my speech sounds more natural. And now, even though I have taken a break from the classes, I still maintain the results I have achieved thanks to the tools and the method she has taught me in the classes. My experience has been totally positive. I can assure you that her classes are ideal for those who are just starting to learn the correct pronunciation as well as for those who want to reach perfection and polish their accent.

Daria Toloknova. Teacher of ELE (Belarus )


As an intermediate student, I struggled with being understood in conversation. When I started working with Alexandra, I came to not only understand how to correctly pronounce letters, but how to form sentences with correct inflection so that people can understand whether I am asking a question or making a statement. I now can see differences between the English and Spanish languages that I was not aware of before, and can adjust the flow of my Spanish to sound more natural. Alexandra is an encouraging and supportive teacher, and her lessons are always enjoyable.

Lisa Proctor - USA


I started studying with Alexandra because sometimes native speakers didn't understand me very well because of my accent. I could not pronounce some sounds correctly (especially "r"), nor could I manage rhythm or intonation. My two "highlights" have been understanding the mechanism to pronounce the ERRES and how to connect the words so that they do not sound one by one as in my native language, but linked as in Spanish. Thanks to this I have been able to better serve the Spanish-speaking elders in my city as a volunteer in my church.

Marcos Wang, Software Engineer (China).


Hi! I'm Tereza and I contacted Alexandra because I was too embarrassed to speak in Spanish, and that didn't allow me to evolve, nor to achieve my personal and professional goals. With Alexandra's help I have learned a lot about the vocal apparatus, about the formation of sounds and about how natives speak. I am even preparing a presentation in Spanish and I am going to face a Spanish audience, something I would never have imagined. If you are looking for someone professional and who will help you achieve your goals, look no further because Alexandra is the perfect person and I recommend her 100%.

Tereza Afonso, Translator (Portugal).


I have enjoyed my classes with Alexandra immensely and would recommend them to any student who wants to improve their ability to speak Spanish. Not only has she helped me with Spanish pronunciation, but she has also helped me develop an appreciation for Spanish rhythm and intonation which has also enriched my studies with other languages. Sometimes it is hard to see the progress but I have been making recordings of myself reading the same passage from a book about every 6 months. The last two recordings were really encouraging to me because it has become clear that I am more easily understood and that I am making progress with the rhythm of Spanish.

Alexandra is always supportive and kind. She seems to have a super power that allows her to listen and convert what she hears into very specific instructions and exercises. I am looking forward to continuing to improve my Spanish speaking skills with her.

David L. Homer. Actuary (USA).

Joan S. Clarke

Alexandra is an extraordinary teacher. She has a deep knowledge of how to teach Spanish and its pronunciation. From the beginning I was impressed by how many varieties of materials she has created to help improve pronunciation. They are clear, simple, but very effective exercises, and she has tricks and ideas on how to overcome problematic aspects, thanks to her help I passed the DELE C2 exam!In addition, Alexandra has a great generosity in your teaching, and because of that, I always felt comfortable with her, even on the days when I showed up in class without having done my homework or when I was sluggish.

Although I had many lessons with her already, I find that she always shows up in class with very positive energy and super encouraging. She knows how to pace the lessons so that I never felt rushed, or that I was wasting time. I think she is able to give authentic attention to even the most challenging students. In other words, I think she is that rare type of teacher who can help all students realize their goals and potential. I highly recommend her!

Joan S. Clarke, Editor (USA)

Sue Ward - Photo

Hello, my name is Sue and I am English. Before I met Alexandra, I was studying grammar at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, but I lacked the opportunity to speak. So, although I could write it quite well, speaking was very difficult for me, not only in terms of accent, but also fluency and pronunciation in general. And, above all, I lacked confidence. Since the first class with Alexandra I have not stopped progressing. I would never have imagined that I could learn so much about how to speak Spanish, for example: how to put words together, how to make the same letter have two pronunciations, the position of the mouth and tongue, and how to reduce the accent with stress and melody. And, of course, the 'erre'! which, for me, was almost impossible, and I have succeeded!

Although I still have more to learn in order to speak less like an English person, I am very pleased with the progress I have already made with Alexandra. Even my teacher and classmates at school have noticed an improvement in my speech. And I feel much more confident speaking Spanish. Alexandra is very patient and is able to identify your strengths and weaknesses so she can tailor your learning in a very personalized way.

No matter what you want to improve, I recommend that you sign up for classes and I am sure you will not regret it and you will achieve much more than you imagine.

Susan Ward, England


"I got in touch with Alexandra because, despite many years speaking Spanish and a huge investment of time learning the language, my accent still sounded like, well, an English guy speaking Spanish. I knew from real world experience in South America that my accent was a distraction from my language skills, and this was preventing me from progressing further. There are few teachers who specialise in accent/pronunciation work, and Alexandra is superb at what she does. I'd not hesitate to recommend her and her classes to anybody."

Dani Elliot, Senior Developer (England)


"I have been a student of Alexandra for several years now and I can highly recommend her. Speaking a new language smoothly and with confidence actually increases the rate of learning and Alexandra is an expert at teaching correct pronunciation. Her classes are interesting and well prepared and very good value. Thank you Alexandra."

Alan Anderson, Australia


I began looking for a pronunciation teacher because I was speaking Spanish with an American accent, both in terms of articulation of the individual sounds as well as the rhythm of the language. I found Alexandra and can honestly say that she has far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their ability to speak Spanish.

She has an incredible ear and can quickly identify areas for improvement. Once identified, she provides targeted guidance and exercises that are straightforward and effective. I have made noticeable progress in my pronunciation which has helped me not only with communication but with comprehension as well. And while I haven't mastered everything (yet!), I believe I have the tools and understanding I need to get there. 10/10 recommend.

Emily King. Compliance Analyst (USA).