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Phonetic transcriber

This is a unique and novel Spanish transcriber for two reasons.

  • It transcribes some key Spanish sounds, and also marks the rhythm.
  • It takes into account the pronunciation of the sentence as a whole, and not the words in isolation, as is the case with other transcribers.

It has been created by specialists in pronunciation and computer science, who have made it possible for you to visualize key elements of pronunciation in a sentence so that you can practice independently (without the corrections of a teacher), to help you memorize the rules, and so that you can practice whenever you want.

The phonetic transcriber of Spanish Pronunciation Academy is immensely useful because it automatically marks any Spanish sentence. You can practice with your sentences or short texts, or choose an automatic sentence from the program.

What can you visualize in the phonetic transcriber?

You need to know some phonetics but not be an expert, as it does not give you all the phonetic symbols of a word or phrase as is traditionally the case. So what can you visualize?

  • The division into syllables (resyllabification) taking into account how they sound within the sentence. This is important and unique, it helps you to pronounce the phrase completely, leaving behind the pronunciation of words as if they were isolated.

  • The stressed syllables of phrases, not word for word, as some words are not stressed when they are in phrases. 

  • Joins. Some syllables are joined even if they belong to different words. This is very important because it transforms the pronunciation of the syllables and, therefore, the rhythm of a sentence.

  • The approximant phonemes of the letters "b" "d" "g" and "v".

  • The letter "h" to remind you that it is not pronounced in Spanish.

  • The sounding out of the "s". For some students, this is very important to keep in mind when practicing.

We recommend that you use it to practice listening to the pronunciation, memorizing the rules and during reading, to check that you are marking your sentences correctly, to focus your attention exclusively on pronunciation, and to memorize and internalize the key rules.

Please note the following considerations:

  • Write correct sentences in Spanish. If you use foreign proper names, the transcriber may not work correctly.
  • Do not write texts longer than 150 words.

And enjoy!

This has been possible thanks to:


Jaime Newton

Software Engineer
Jaime Newton is a British software engineer with an interest in developing learning tools. On a business trip to Spain, he fell in love with the people, the country and the language. When he met Alexandra in her pronunciation classes, the teacher and student realized that a collaboration was more than necessary. The result is this transcriber that we hope will be useful in your freelance work, in the wonderful journey of good pronunciation and fluency in speaking Spanish.

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